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Diana's Scentsy Magic Aromas

Comments from some of our satisfied customers:

I have been working with Diana since she set up in business, Diana aka Frisco Pet Nanny, is sensational. She has nurtured and looked after our animals on a regular basis for many many years, when we are out of town or just at work. I have had 2 cats and 2 dogs (labs) during our time with Diana (we still have 3 animals). The animals love Diana and are so much more content for having had her visits. I never have to worry about a thing, Diana is so incredibly reliable will always go the extra mile, and is 110% trustworthy in every way. On top of that she has averted a few near disasters for me, including a water mains burst while I was out of town. Diana shows up come rain shine or snow, and always gives plenty of notice and backup arrangements when she finally gets to take a vacation. There is no one I trust more with my home and my most treasured family members than Diana.

Louise Pentland
Attorney, Frisco Texas

Tombik Reggie and Miles
Tombik, Reggie, and Miles

When I decided to relocate to the Dallas area, my biggest concern was who would take care of my 'kiddos.' At the time, I had two cats, Clawdia and Snickers, and a Golden Retriever, Buck. As a former pet sitter, I knew what I was looking for and began my 'research' from over 400 miles away! I spoke with Diana a few times and once I became settled in my new home in Frisco, we met. My pets fell in love with her instantly, which put my heart at ease. Over the past six years, Diana has cared for my loved ones, supported me when those who grew old passed (Buck and Tubby, RIP!), and always has an upbeat, positive personality! She even introduced me to a Golden Retriever rescue woman who helped me find my new addition to the family, Yogi!! Over the past year-in-a-half, my work schedule has been rather chaotic, requiring much flexibility in pet sitting due to the business travel. She has been responsive, dependable and very attentive to my pet sitting needs. I am very grateful for 'finding' Diana and knowing that my four-legged family members are in good hands while traveling on a regular basis!!

Bev Walker


One look at Diana's website and you wouldn't think of her beyond dogs and cats. Well, we've been cared for by Ms. Diana since 2005 and even with all our idiosyncracies, she's the greatest. We love it when she's taking care of us because she still spoills us like Mamma & Daddy. She's even tackled the task of giving Mobi her twice daily medicine and that's not an easy task. Mobi is the "Indy 500" of cockatiels and is faster than a speeding bullet!

We are so blessed to have Diana caring for our precious babies when we're away. She doesn't hesitate to contact us with any issues and always does the best!

Sincerely, Linda & Steve Randall

The birds!

Peter T. Pooh - American Patriot
Peter T. Pooh - American Patriot


Sunny and Snoopy
Sunny (back) and Snoopy (front)

We have been using Diana for the last 7 years and have been extremely happy with the loving care she has provided our 3 dogs. We would highly recommend Diana as would our dogs, as they go crazy and get so excited when she shows up. Diana is very trustworthy and reliable and you can tell she loves what she does by the way she interacts with our dogs.

Alison Weinzierl

Cassie and Sugar
Cassie and Sugar
Pepe Luna and Lucy

Carmen and Scooby
Carmen and Scooby

Lola and Fletcher
Lola and Fletcher



Pepe Luna and Lucy
Pepe, Luna, and Lucy

Gladys & Benny
Gladys & Benny

This has to be the most unusual pet I've ever had as a client. This is a Madagascar Hissing Roach. Taking care of them is really not that difficult, but it's not for the faint of heart!

Madagascar Hissing Roach!
Madagascar Hissing Roach

I have multiple business trips each year and I always can relax knowing that Diana will watch over my "kids" while I am away.  My cats, Jinx and Ginger, are always happy to see her and I can rely on her completely to take excellent care of them while I am away.  Knowing Diana is there takes the stress out of travel and being away from home!!

Camille Roth

Jinx & Ginger
Jinx and Ginger

Thank you so much for all that you do for me and the kitties. I love that you are always excited to see them and I know they love it when you take care of them. I never worry when I am away because I know you are taking great care of them.

I really enjoy coming home and reading about all of the funny things they do while I am gone. I so appreciate that you let me check in on the babies and me know how they are. You are always so kind and upbeat.

Thank you for all that you do for us!

Linda Schroeder

Jake & Georgia
Jake and Georgia

We’ve been using the Frisco Pet Nanny since 2004 and really don’t know how we’d get along without her. Diana knows our Allie & Lucy (and Mickey & Daisey before them) and they sure know & love her. We know they are getting a little special love and attention when we are gone, and that’s a great comfort to us. And she always manages to work us in, even when surprises have meant asking for service at the last minute.

Brent and Karmen Barefield

Lucy and Allie

Joey and Bella

Beasley the Bulldog


Tootie & Hack

Bernoulli and Ada
Bernoulli and Ada

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